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Jacob Bonham lived in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  On May 25, 1782 he marched under the command of Colonel Crawford into what is now Ohio to defeat the Indians who had been aiding the British.  On June 9, 1782, Jacob Bonham died fighting the British and Indians at the Sandusky Massacre in Ohio.

Jacob's son, Ammariah Bonham, was born April 1, 1773 in Virginia and married September 10, 1795  in Bourbon County, Kentucky to Rececca Alexandria Wiley.  She was born September 19, 1775 in North Carolina.  Ammariah died after July 2, 1821 and before February 4, 1822 in Kentucky.  Rececca died November 10, 1859 at Macomb, Illinois.

Ammariah's son, Hamilton Bonham, was born June 7, 1700 in Kentucky (or Ohio) and married December 26 1822 in Fleming County, Kentucky to Mararet Page.  She was born in 1806.

Hamilton came to Illinois in 1833.  He received his farm from the United States on March 11, 1836 In Jonathan Creek Township, Moultrie County (then Shelby).  Hamilton died February 7, 1846 in Moultrie County, Illinois.  Margaret Page Bonham married twice more.  Second on January 7, 1847 to Edenezer D. Gillett in Moultrie County.  Third to Lowery Trailer.  Margaret died March 30, 1855.  Both she and Hamilton are buried side by side in Jonathan Creek Cemetery.

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Hamilton Bonham came to Shelby County (now Moultrie) early in the1830's. He took a patent on 80 acres from the United State on 11 March 1836.

This was the SE 1/4 NE 1/4 and NE 1/4 SE 1/4 of Sec 32 T1 4N Range 3RD PM. In 1967 most of this described land was bought by Orris Drew.

Hamilton's estate was finally settled in1850. A partition and dower suit was commenced in Moultrie County circuit court at May term in 1850.

The court records read as follows:

Benj. Freeman and Polly A (his wife) & Tennessee Bonham by Benj. Freeman (his guardian) vs. Ebenezer D. Gillett, Margaret Gillett, William L. Bonham, Alexander Barringer, Thomas Adams, Martha Adams, and Albert G. Snyder, guardian of Elizabeth R. Bonham, Margaret Bonham, and Montravilla Bonham - Now come the petitioners rein by their solicitor and it appearing that the three last named defts. are minors, the court therefore appoints John Perryman Esq., their guardian ad litem, who answers said petition, and the other defts having been duly served with summons & being three times solemnly called, came not, but made default. And the court being fully advised in the premises doth order adjudge and decree that Margaret Gillett be endowed with the 1/3 part of the following (among other land) towit: - the SE NE of sec 3214N RGE 3rd P.M. and that partition of said land be made as follows to wit: - subject to said dower estate: - 1/7 part each to Benj Freeman, Polly A. Freeman, Wm. L. Bonham, Elizabeth R. Bonham, Margaret Bonham, and Montravilla Bonham and 1/7th part to Thomas Adams & Martha A. (his wife). Ordered further that Elijah Fleming, John H. Worth & John Perryman be and they are hereby appointed coms. to execute this decree & that they report to the next term of this court, and this cause is cont'd &c&c chy rec 0 page 43. And afterwards, at Nov. term 1850 come said coms. and make their report, which is by the court examined & approved, and for report said coms. say that after being duly sworn they went upon said premises and divided the same as follows: To Benj. Freeman lots 1 & 9 - to Lewis Bonham lots 2 & 10 - to Tennessee Bonham lots 3 & 8, to Thomas Adams lots 4 & 14 - to Rebecca Bonham lots 5 & 13 - to Margaret Bonham lots 7 & 11 - to Montravilla Bonham lots 6 & 12 - and that they assigned dower to Margaret Gillett, widow of Hamilton Bonham dec'd as follows "beg. at a stone 1/4 section corner, from which a black oak ?? I.D.S 20 degrees W 15.3 - thence; N 30 degrees W 9.00 links, to a post, thence; S 84.03 feet W 20.00 links to a post, Thence; 57 degree .03' E 9.00 links to a post, thence; N 84 degrees 03' E 20.00 to the beg." 18 acres - also 5 acres E end of NW SE 32-14-6 - all in sec 32 T 14N RGE 3rd Pm. Chy Rec "0" page 77.

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